Standard UK Book Sizes

There are several common book sizes. These sizes are based on the most cost-effective use of standard paper sizes (ie how many pages can be fit onto a sheet).

The choice is yours, but we can advise you if the size can be changed slightly to make it more economical.

The list below shows standard book sizes but remember that books can be almost any size you wish, and portrait, landscape or square format.

Note: All specs below are shown width x height.

• ‘A’ Format: 110 mm x 178 mm

Penguin: 111 mm x 181 mm

• ‘B’ Format: 129 mm x 198 mm

Demy: 138mm x 216mm

A5: 148 mm x 210 mm

Royal: 156mm x 234 mm

Royal Octavo Wide: 170 mm x 234 mm

American: 210 mm x 279 mm

US trade (American Royal) 152 mm x 229 mm (6″ x 9″)

American Narrow: 200 mm x 279 mm

A4: 210 mm x 297 mm

Custom sizes (portrait or landscape format)

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