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Your manuscript deserves bookshop-quality typesetting and page design

Many self-published books fall short due to poor readability. We’re here to change that. Our book typesetting service ensures your book meets, and surpasses, industry standards.


Many self-published books are simply hard to read, and don’t look professional.

Readers have (rightly) come to expect a certain standard in typesetting and layout of books, and you don’t want to give a bad impression before a single word of your masterpiece has yet been read.

Good typesetting and book layout is a delicate exercise in ‘keeping out of the way’. The objective is to make your book as easy to read as possible – we let the content shine! To do this we use our skills and experience to make the reading experience pleasing and easy.

In short, a book designed by us will look like it was published by one of the better traditional publishing houses. Why is this important? Well, we’re giving your book a head-start – we’re setting the tone and standard for your readers, before they’ve even started enjoying your content.

We design and typeset books for all genres: from crime to sci-fi, young adult to non-fiction, memoir to business, poetry, and everything in between.

Our service is designed to give your book a look and feel akin to those published by leading publishing houses.



Design speaks volumes

A book designed by us will look like it was published by a traditional publishing house

Book page design for every genre

Whether it’s a gripping crime novel, an insightful memoir, or a non-fiction book, our team is skilled in ensuring that your content shines.



Novels, fantasy, romance



Image-rich layouts

Photography, children’s books, recipes.


Memoirs, business, self-help, textbooks.

Why choose UK Book Publishing for your book typesetting?

Professional quality

Our typesetting stands alongside the finest from top publishing houses, ensuring your book meets the highest standards from the very first page. Your book will be a pleasure to read.

Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our personal touch. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to guiding you seamlessly through the typesetting process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from manuscript to print.


With over a decade in the industry, we’ve perfected the art of typesetting for a diverse range of formats – including Amazon KDP, hardcover, softcover, photo books, novels, business books, and more.

Give your book the typesetting it deserves

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