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UK book publishingWe specialise in helping authors and organisations publish great books.

You get:

  • A personal service. You deal directly with our editors and designers, we’ll guide you through the process and make it easy.
  • Professional publishing, editing and marketing services. We help you make your book the best it can be and help you reach your audience.
  • Distribution through retailers and online marketplaces such as Amazon and Waterstones.
  • Full ownership. We don’t own your copyright – you do!
  • Experience, advice and dedication. We love creating books.

Whether a softback novel, a coffee table-style photobook, a hardback children’s book, an ebook or anything else, our team can help transform your book into a professional finished product.

Unlike some competitors we offer a full, personalised publishing service – from copyediting and proofreading, through cover design and layout, to printing, marketing and distribution advice.

We’ll help you every step of the way – you just pick and choose the services you need.

Here’s a breakdown of the services we offer:

Book proofreading

We’ll go through your manuscript and correct any spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, tidy up the dialogue formatting – and generally get it presentable and ready for printing. This is the minimum we recommend; however a full book edit is usually a better move …

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Book editing

Regardless of the quality of a published author’s writing, all books that are published are edited in some way. Writing a book is often a collaborative process, and having an experienced book editor working with you can help turn your manuscript into a masterpiece. Book editors can help with plot, flow, rhythm, storyline, character development, remove inconsistencies and much more.

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Book cover design

Your book cover is a highly important factor in getting people to notice your book, pick it up and buy it. For instance, book shops usually don’t stock the typical ‘self published’ covers as they look too amateurish.

We make sure your book cover is 100% professional and relevant to your target audience. Contrary to the old saying, people usually do judge a book by its cover – at least at first.

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Book layout – typesetting

Another easy way to spot most self published books is the typesetting – ie the layout and look of the printed word. Typesetting a book so it is a pleasure to read is an art in itself, and an under-appreciated one at that.

The goal with typesetting is that readers don’t really notice it – they just enjoy reading the content. With most self published books, however, you do notice the typesetting as it’s often done poorly, usually by a machine on a default setting. We make sure that the experience of reading your book is a comfortable and enjoyable one.

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Book printing

Hardback or softback (softback is slightly cheaper, but either can look professional). Cost per book falls with increased quantity. We recommend 500 – 1000 books to start with.

Remember you also need to give quite a few away to book reviewers etc. Prices vary depending on the above factors and of course quantity. We can get you competitive prices when we know the page count and whether it’s hard or soft back.

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Ebooks have grown in popularity massively in recent years. And they provide a cost-effective option for publishing your book. We can convert your book to ebook format and distribute to Amazon.

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We offer a service whereby we deal with the book stores and distributors, register your book with Nielsen (this gets you an ISBN number and your book will be on the national lists that all book shops receive).

We can warehouse your books, and deal with the despatch of books when ordered by book stores. We’ll even get your book stocked on Amazon. We don’t guarantee that your book will be stocked in stores – but we do have good relationships with book sellers and wholesalers!

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Marketing and PR

Getting the word out about your book can be too much for some authors; a brave new world!

We write press releases and distribute to targeted journalists (eg in your region and journalists from publications relevant to your genre). Or we can set up and run advertising campaigns on platforms such as Amazon and Facebook.

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How to publish your book with us

The best place to start is by contacting us. Tell us about your book project and your goals, and we will give you free (yes, free!) advice on how to succeed. Call us on 0191 6031660 or use the form on this page to tell us about your project.

We’ve been involved in publishing for years, and we tailor our services for each client.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We’re ready to help you create a great book.

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