'A guide to positive mental health'

The aim of this guide is to promote positive mental health in sport – and football in particular. Mental health issues can be harder to spot than physical injury, but how much support the sufferer receives can make a big difference to their recovery.

Caroline has set up a footballing support community, and this book came out of wanting to provide practical support for coaches in particular. We proofread the book, designed and laid it out, and set the book up for print on demand and online sales.

“When I first starting writing my first book, I expected a long, tedious and scary experience. After all, I'd never done anything on this scale before!
Working with UK Book Publishing has been an amazing experience. Not only did the staff walk me through the stages, but Ruth has made a scary experience into a pleasurable one. Not only did she talk me through every step of writing my first book, but the advice given and her great communication has left me wanting to write further books.
I am now planning my second book and cannot wait to work with UK Book Publishing again.”
— Caroline Elwood-Stokes

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