Pondering Through Time

Ali had already self-published his first novel, but wanted to give it a refresh and launch it professionally, so we designed a new cover and typeset the book, getting it up for sale with a whole range of online retailers worldwide.

The day that should have changed the world

Barry’s previous two books that he published with us were factual books, based on wartime experiences and the history of the RAF. In his latest book, he’s decided to write a novel, based on his background in studying history, and being ex-RAF...

Spanish House Secrets

A delightful historical romance, partly set in Spain, plotted beautifully with engaging characters. Susan’s friend provided the cover painting, making it a very personal project.

Lao and Chen: Master your Art

This graphic novel is a fantasy tale about twin brother and sister Lao and Chen who are in a big quest for the mastery of their magical powers. The core to their powers is the box of life and that box has an enemy that wants to destroy it, a foe well known as ILu...

A Parthenon on our Roof

This is a story of two people who couldn’t be more different: Alexandra, a product of Greek Fire. Born into the cradle of civilization. Weaned on the teachings of ancient Greek philosophers, thrilled by the bravery of Spartans and thousands of years of cultural...