Cover design & layout

Contrary to the old adage, people do judge a book by its cover.

  • A luxurious, hard back, full colour, coffee table-style book we produced for Newcastle University

We’ve had books placed in branches of Waterstones solely on the basis of the quality of our cover artwork.

Most self-published books are easy to spot due to their amateurish covers. Conversely, a well-designed cover is eye-catching, it gives the reader a strong sense of what the book is about, and says ‘pick me up’. You want readers to flock to your book – and so do we.

Having a high quality cover that stands out in the crowded marketplace – for the right reasons – is a crucial step in your book’s success.

Book design specialists

We have designed book covers for a host of different books, including stunning photo-heavy coffee-table books, scientific resource texts and action-packed novels.

See examples of our book design work.

Inside your book – making your text a joy to read

Just as your book cover is an important factor in winning over readers, your book’s interior pages can quickly make or break your book.

Many self-published books are simply hard to read, and don’t look professional. Readers have (rightly) come to expect a certain standard in typesetting and layout of books, and you don’t want to give a bad impression before a single word of your masterpiece has yet been read.

Good typesetting and book layout is a delicate exercise in ‘keeping out of the way’. The objective is to make your book as easy to read as possible – we let the content shine! To do this we use our skills and experience to make the reading experience pleasing and easy.

In short, a book designed by us will look like it was published by one of the better traditional publishing houses. Why is this important? Well, we’re giving your book a head-start – we’re setting the tone and standard for your readers, before they’ve even started enjoying your content.

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