This is a delightful story about a whale whose tail looks like a Wellington boot. Stephen wanted copies to sell and distribute himself initially to gauge feedback – and he has had a great response to his children’s tale (and tail). You can see more details on his website: https://stephenbenchcapon.eu/oslo

“I published my children's novel 'Oslo' with UK Book Publishing and I was very impressed and happy with the service and support from day one. And with the final result.
The team are very approachable, friendly and professional. I felt supported enough in the areas where I wasn't experienced, but listened to and understood on the points where I did have a specific idea of how I wanted things. For example, my feedback on the draft cover design was excellently incorporated into a new draft.
I also really like the initiative shown introducing some good ideas I would not have thought of, and a commitment to producing a product that meets the target audience's needs. This is very much a company that aims to produce high-quality work.
They are also very responsive and efficient, ready to help and answer all questions, and managing payments etc. was not a problem at all. The communication on pricing and different options is all very transparent.
Overall a great experience and I would recommend UK Book Publishing to anyone wanting to publish their book.”
— Stephen Bench-Capon

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