'Downhill, Dark Dreams, and Dark Shadows'

We’re especially delighted when we get to work with authors for a second, third or even fourth book – it must mean we’re doing something right! And we’re really pleased to have published all three (so far!) of Ann Thorsson’s books, beginning with Downhill, then her new book Dark Dreams, and most recently Dark Shadows, a sequel to Downhill. Authors really notice how they’re taken much more seriously when they have multiple books on offer – they are no longer just a one-book author.

“When I was looking to publish my first novel, Downhill (back in 2019), I searched the internet and came across UK Book Publishing. After reading the testimonials from other self-published authors, I felt that UK Book Publishing was the right choice for me. From the initial enquiry, they handled my work with professionalism and support, and nothing was too much trouble. Since then, I have published two more books with their assistance (Dark Dreams in 2020 and Dark Shadows in 2022), and am just about to refresh my first two novels with updated information. They are definitely "first choice" if you are looking to self-publish!”
— Ann Thorsson

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