Book proofreading & editing

book proofreading

Turn your book from a manuscript into a masterpiece with our expert proofreaders.

Book proofreading

Even the very best writers rely on proofreaders. If your book has mistakes or inconsistencies, this can put your reader off. In fact, many self-published books are guilty of ‘rookie’ errors with grammar and spelling that annoy readers, making them lose confidence in the book as a whole.

It needn’t be that way. Rather than worrying that you might have chosen the wrong word, spelt it incorrectly (spell check is not enough!), or applied the wrong grammatical rules, let our professional proofreaders make sure your book looks good and reads well.

Full book editing

If you want a more in-depth treatment for your book, we also offer a full structural editing service, advising on plot/story, structure, length and sentence construction. A good editor can make all the difference to the success of a book.

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