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We’ve published our own book about amazing people

Having spent the last few years publishing other people’s books, we decided it was about time we published our own. And we’re very excited with the result! The book is inspired by true stories discovered on of incredible people that most of us don’t know about – it’s our quirky and fascinating collection of […]

Those New Year resolutions

We’ve had a surge of enquiries about book publishing in the first week of January – which does make us wonder whether New Year resolutions have anything to do with that. The manuscript that’s sat there for months (years?) – has the writer finally resolved to do something with it?

Do I need an ISBN for my book?

An ISBN is not compulsory. However, it will make your book look more professional, and if you want to sell your title through major bookselling chains, or Internet booksellers, they will require you to have an ISBN to assist their internal processing and ordering systems.